The first Roarington International Club Race: a resounding success for the event organised in Olio, Italy

  • 18 November 2023
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The first Roarington International Club Race: a resounding success for the event organised in Olio, Italy image

Photo credit: Carlo Di Giusto, Silvia Instants

Where else could the first simulated race, with remote participants, have taken place if not in Origgio near Monza, home to the famous racetrack? This location is a unique and sophisticated hub for classic car enthusiasts, featuring Spazio The Box. This complex includes the Olio restaurant, the Valvole in Testa restoration and maintenance workshop, Milano Classiche with dream cars for sale, and the newly formed Be Fast, a media company producing three ACI - Automobile Club d’Italia - magazines.

Olio - 1 The evening's welcome speech hosted by Paolo Milini and Fritz Kaiser. Spazio The Box and Roarington, a winning collaboration.

Two Roarington simulators, one by Pininfarina and one by Zagato, were ready on the afternoon of 17th November to welcome two drivers and a group of enthusiasts and members to participate in the first race organised on the Monza circuit in its 1955 configuration with banked curves, involving 8 drivers, two present on-site and seven participating remotely. The race, as you could easily imagine, was as demanding as it was thrilling, with the Monza circuit and its banked curves proving to be an inspired choice, showcasing the immense potential of such events.

Olio - 2 The Club Race qualifying involving 8 members of the Roarington eRacing experience, two featured at the Olio Restaurant and the others connected from all around the world.

The evening began with a warm welcome from the host Paolo Milini, followed by a speech by Fritz Kaiser, the visionary behind Roarington, about the significance of this great project and its enormous potential. Kaiser and Milini recalled how it was right here that the first simulator to arrive in Italy, the red Elio Z used for the race and proudly displayed in the heart of the classic car collection, was delivered. This exceptional venue combines cars and a restoration centre with an important contemporary art collection, as well as an elegant restaurant perfect for celebrating a victory or consoling oneself (very well) after a defeat. The setting, with its contemporary design, seamlessly blends the real and virtual worlds through cutting-edge technology.

Olio - 3 The race was held over the length of 5 laps at the Autodromo di Monza in 1955 configuration. It was close battle until the final stages with a wheel-to-wheel duel to the finish line.

The pre-race rituals, including the qualifiers, set the stage for a fiercely competitive start and a race filled with suspenseful twists, fitting for an inaugural event. At the beginning of the last lap, it seemed that victory was in the hands of the very young Marco Milini, who was pressed by Georges Simons, owner of a one-off Elio Z. However, at Lesmo, Milini's Alfa 33 faltered. He quickly recovered, but Simons seized the moment. With just the Parabolica curve remaining, Milini attempted a late brake and tight turn, but Simons, unfazed, leveraged his car's exit traction to clinch the closely contested race. Both drivers impressed the large audience with their skill.

Olio - 4 The car selected for the Club Race is the 33 Stradale, an Alfa Romeo masterpiece that was first previewed at Monza itself in 1967.

The evening was a captivating experience for the numerous and select guests, who witnessed the potential of Roarington's eRacing program. This platform allows for exhilarating races on the world's most famous tracks, challenging both close acquaintances and unknown colleagues alike. The event's success makes it clear that similar events are likely to proliferate in the near future.

Olio - 5 Marco Milini, Georges Simons, Fritz Kaiser and Paolo Milini celebrating after the race.