Altmühltal Classic Sprint 2023: Roarington is virtual race partner

  • 22 June 2023
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Altmühltal Classic Sprint 2023: Roarington is virtual race partner image

Photo credit: The traditional Altmühltal Classic Sprint (ACS)

At the end of June, the traditional Altmühltal Classic Sprint (ACS) will take place for the 17th time in the Bavarian Altmühltal and for the first time there will be a prize of its own for the co-drivers - the "ACS - Roarington Trophy". A BMW M3 E30 is driven on the* Roarington Classic Car Simulator* on the virtual Nuremberg city circuit Norrisring and the best lap time wins.

When 112 classic car enthusiasts, including two female drivers, take the ACS for a spin through Bavaria from 23th to 261h of June 2023, the classic car specialist on site, Löhlein Classics, is always part of the action. And this year it is even more committed than usual. Amidst classic cars such as the Aero or the Alfa 6C, the Roarington Pininfarina Sportiva Classic Car Simulator will be available in the Löhlein Classic Lounge - at Johann-Höllfritsch-Strasse 47 in Wendelstein - until 17th of July 2023 to test drive classic dream cars on legendary tracks - virtual driving fun for every classic car lover like you have probably never experienced before! The participants of the "ACS - Roarington Trophy" have also been able to achieve their best lap time there since 13th of June.

 Altmühltal Classic Sprint 2Even more committed: Löhlein Classics

If you want to take advantage of the opportunity, you can also have a digital twin of your classic car made on site using state-of-the-art laser scanning - a detailed and interactive 3D image of the real car, viewable in the handy MyGarage app and drivable on all Roarington simulators. If you're interested, please get in touch via so we can send you your personalized quote and arrange an appointment.

Altmühltal Classic Sprint 3Löhlein Classic Lounge

And on Friday 30th of June at 6 p.m., Löhlein Classic will host a very special event with a premiere in the digital world: In a great atmosphere and accompanied by former Formula 1 racing driver Martin Utberg, we will virtually drive the legendary Norisring street circuit in Nuremberg. As places are limited, please register in advance at