Roarington at the Red Bull Classics: a review

  • 17 June 2023
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Roarington at the Red Bull Classics: a review image

Photo credit: Roarington at the Red Bull Ring

Last weekend, the legendary Red Bull Ring Classics took place in Styria, Austria, and Roarington was prominently represented at the Red Bull Ring. For the first time ever, a Virtual Red Bull Ring Classics Trophy was held - for this purpose, the Red Bull Ring race track was prepared on our simulators and the drivers entered the competition with the BMW M1 E26, built in 1976, which could be admired on site not only in its virtual, but also in its real splendor

Picture 2Roarington simulators at the Red Bull Classics

More than fifty drivers competed on our simulators and raced virtually around the Red Bull Ring. The final standings: As winner with a time of 1:36.579 Colin Caresani.
Second place was taken by Michael Gashi with a time of 1:37.775.
In third place was Ralph Bahr with a time of 1:38.262.

Trophies and champagne were officially awarded by the Red Bull Ring including a special voucher for the Red Bull Hangar 7.

Picture 3Roarington Virtual Trophy

Guests and media representatives also became protagonists of an experience that was probably a new one for many: spread over two and a half days, 109 guests experienced the Roarington simulators, whizzed around the virtual Red Bull Ring and got a taste of what real racing drivers have to do in terms of physical peak performance on this demanding track. A total of 150 runs were completed on our simulators and 3579 virtual kilometers were reeled off in a total driving time of 32 hours.

And of course, there were also real competitions on the actual Red Bull Ring with a total of ten racing series such as the "Alfa Revival Cup," the "Touring Car Golden Era" or the "Super Sixties" - with up to forty automobiles on-track simultaneously.