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  • 02 May 2020
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Only the artist and designer Enzo Naso could share the same name as the founder of the company whose cars he interprets with such passion and sublime dexterity.

This latest work, an oil on canvas (70x100) entitled “MO-Prova”, contains 11 different models. Only one is repeated. In the editorial office we tried to guess them all. It was tough… many of us tried but nobody got them all right.

Q-MO-PROVA-HI-RES-scaled "MO-Prova" the painting by Enzo Naso that recalls the classic Ferrari test plates

Before reading the answers posted below, why not have a go yourself? At the very least try to find the car pictured twice, which is not as easy as it might seem!

To lower the tension, here are two paintings by the artist: both cars are part of the MO-Prova composition.

330-p4-Dayona The typical Enzo Naso technique that highlights part of the colour image, in this case the 330 P4 and the rest of the scene in black and white

156-F1 The famous Ferrari "shark nose", the 156 F1 that won the 1961 World Championship

He moved to live in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, bringing with him the many years of experience first of all with Ferrari where, among other things, he designed the magnificent icon to celebrate 50 years of the brand. Many other major brands have made use of his work such as BMW, Porsche, Mercedes and Maserati. He has received international awards but, above all, he is known for his refined consistency in works that combine art and design to perfection.

Ferrari-50-1947-1997 Ferrari's 50th anniversary logo designed by Enzo Naso

Here are the answers about “MO-Prova”

From top left (the T on the car, stands for Test. Same for P (Prova). It was once used on cars intended for tests)

  • T, 246 F1 1954

  • Prova MO-53, 330 TRI LM 1962

  • Prova MO-49, 250 TR 1958

  • Prova MO-36, 555 F1 1955

  • T, 500 F2 1952

  • 11 T, 312 F1 1969

  • 4 T, 312B 1970

  • Prova MO-53, 330 P4 1967

  • Prova MO-49, 315 S 1957, test before the MM1957

  • Prova MO-31, 330 P4 1967

  • T, 156 F1, 1962

  • P, Lancia Ferrari D50 1956

The only real element of recognition of the car pictured twice is the use of the same character for the number plates of the two Ferrari 330 P4s.