Enzo Ferrari, one son with two names: Dino and Piero

  • 15 July 2023
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Enzo Ferrari, one son with two names: Dino and Piero image

Photo credit: Ferrari, Wheelsage

Dino and Piero are the names of Enzo Ferrari's two sons. Dino was born in 1932, and because of this event, the young Enzo, then a talented driver but terrified of the possibility of a fatal racing accident, decided to retire and dedicate himself entirely to his Scuderia.

1Alfredo – nicknamed Alfredino or Dino - Ferrari was just 24 years old when he passed away in June 1956.

Piero was born in 1945 when Dino was 13 years old and already showing signs of the illness that would sadly claim his life just 11 years later. Dino was the son of Laura, Enzo’s wife, while Piero was the son of Lina, who was a loyal companion to Enzo but never married him.

2Piero, is the second and only living son of Enzo Ferrari and he is Vice President of the Pracing Horse from 1988.

Enzo always claimed to have only one son. However, despite the knowledge of two sons, perhaps he meant that each one was unique, completely different from the other. And so it was: Dino, for whom Ferrari created the famous V6 engine, a solution envisioned by his talented son to meet the racing regulations introduced to reduce engine displacements, pursued an engineering career and displayed the technical talent that his father lacked. For Enzo, he was the heir to his extraordinary adventure as a Constructor.

3Dino Ferrari, left, together with his father Enzo and two technicians observes the assembly of one of the famous Ferrari engines during those years in which he sensed the opportunity for a small V6.

On the other hand, Piero was twenty-four years old when Ferrari reached the agreement to sell 50% of his beloved company to Fiat, with an additional 40% upon his death and 10% to his heir, focusing more on securing his son’s future than giving him a prominent role in Ferrari.

The destinies of the two brothers were vastly different. Dino, inevitably affected by the genetic disease of Muscular Dystrophy, passed away in 1956 at the age of 24. It was a veritable tragedy for Enzo, so much so that he always kept a portrait of his departed son in his office.

4The name Dino will be forever associated with the small GT from Maranello. It should be noted that the car was not a Ferrari but carried the Dino brand.

In contrast, Piero had numerous opportunities within the company, particularly in the sports area, and stood by his father during important negotiations and decisions. Piero, now 78, is known for his practical approach and few words. Following his father's death in 1988, he inherited 10% of the company, a substantial fortune considering the current stock values, and became the Vice President of Ferrari, a position he still holds today. Piero’s grandson, Enzo Mattioli Ferrari, plays a symbolic role in the future of the company. Beyond his position as a shareholder, many perceive him as a passionate torchbearer for the spirit and essence of Ferrari.

Enzo had only one son. No, two. Today he has only one heir. No two, there is also the young Enzo's brother, Piero Galassi. But only one goes by that particular name, and it is the firstborn.

5The beautiful Dino 206 S that was made available for privateer teams and was inspired by the shape of the magnificent 330P3.