25 works of art for a new story of Enzo Ferrari

  • 17 June 2023
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25 works of art for a new story of Enzo Ferrari image

Enzo Ferrari had been hailed in countless ways through the myriad books dedicated to him. Yet, his illustrious career, which began as a driver and continued in the early 1930s with the Scuderia Ferrari, which raced Alfa Romeos, and was consecrated, after the war, by his role as a Constructor, utilizing a series of exquisite artworks, had not yet been vividly recounted. These works consist of 25 watercolours by the artist Enrico Ghinato, now part of the collection of an ardent gentleman driver, collector, and Italian entrepreneur, Paolo Scudieri, around which an untold narrative has been created. An authentic book dedicated to friends and enthusiasts, it exemplifies the boundless spirit of Italian entrepreneurship. This is evidenced by the fact that Paolo Scudieri is the sponsor, with his Group’s brand, Adler, of the Ferrari 499P that amazed with their performance and charm at Le Mans, triumphantly claiming the Centenary 24 Hours.

The stages of the history, watercolour by watercolour, commence with the first legendary driver of Ferrari, Tazio Nuvolari, traversing through engineers like Gioachino Colombo and coachbuilders like Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni and Sergio Scaglietti, and culminating in celebrated drivers such as Ascari, Hawthorn, Surtees, Lauda, and Villeneuve, to mention but a few. The final piece of this captivating series features Luca di Montezemolo, the man who, in the 1970s, brought titles to Ferrari with Niki Lauda and restored the World Championship to Maranello with Michael Schumacher, bringing renewed glory to the name of Enzo Ferrari throughout the world.

G8A2441 Enzo Ferrari

G8A2457 Tazio Nuvolari

G8A2444 Ing. Gioachino Colombo

G8A2438 Peter Collins

G8A2458 Niki Lauda

G8A2443 Luca Di Montezemolo

The author of the story and the book is Antonio Ghini, the Director of TCCT’s prestigious Yearbook, The Key, who skilfully highlights how Italian genius and entrepreneurial prowess extend not only to the creators of unique automobiles, such as the renowned “Man from Maranello”, but also to the multitude of accomplished entrepreneurs operating in component fields and less visible sectors, who are unable to harness the influence of a celebrated brand.