Do you want to have fun with your Classic car? The Tour Auto and Modena 100 Ore offer the perfect formula.

  • 07 October 2023
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Do you want to have fun with your Classic car?  The Tour Auto and Modena 100 Ore offer the perfect formula. image

Photo credit: Canossa Events, Modena Cento Ore, Peter Auto, Tour Auto

There are many ways to enjoy the pleasures of Classic cars: by keeping them well protected and perfectly restored in a collection, taking them to prestigious Concours d’Elegance events, participating in famous and not-so-famous rallies, or even hitting the track like the pros of yesteryear. Each of these activities has its advantages and disadvantages. However, championship races and track events often prove to be too demanding and worrying for the “health” of the cars.

1 Both the Tour Auto and the Modena Cento Ore include track action

However, there is a certain event that allows you to have real fun while choosing whether or not to take risks. The two most celebrated and successful events in this regard are the Tour Auto, organized by Patrick Peter, and the Modena 100 Ore, taking place in Italy with both the starting and finishing points in Modena.

2 Through the hills of Modena surrounded by beautiful landscapes at the wheel of a classic car. What else?

The Modena 100 Ore even includes thrilling track challenges at renowned circuits like the iconic Mugello, as well as exhilarating uphill stages over five exciting days, organized by Canossa Events. In both cases, the joy lies in the driving experience. However, there is a choice to be made: embrace a competitive spirit and strive for ultimate victory or engage in a challenging but non-ferociously competitive rally, where even the track becomes part of the experience.

3 Braking at San Donato, Mugello's first corner. The ups and downs of the Tuscan track are pure fun

It’s easy to understand why these two events are ideal for those who want to collect sports cars, keeping them alive and in shape in their natural environment: both in the Tour Auto and in the Modena 100 Ore, participants embark on exhilarating journeys that alternate between open-road transfers, which include driving alongside regular traffic, and closed-course challenges on both racing circuits and winding uphill routes. At each stage (as both events span multiple days), when participants arrive at a track or an uphill section, those who have opted for the "Speed" category will race fiercely to secure the top spot, engaging in a true competition. Conversely, those who have chosen the Rally category will still face thrilling challenges, albeit with a more relaxed and non-competitive approach.

4 The thrill of driving through iconic places such as the Sopraelevata in Monza

The undeniable enthusiasm shown by the participants at the finish of the 100 Ore Classica – this year from October 9th to 14th with registrations still open – and those of the Tour Auto, which took place in April, requires no further explanation. The race days leave strong emotions, and the sheer pleasure of driving in a great event is incomparable. When you think about it, perhaps these types of gatherings are the most rewarding experiences for a collector’s car that maintains its value while having fun!

5 The combination of street and track driving makes the Auto Tour and the Modena Cento Ore two unmissable events