in the press: "Details and look and feel are hugely impressive" a virtual city for classic car enthusiasts. Media praises it as a bridge between real and virtual life, with a unique metaverse driving experience. Classic Driver recommends exploring Roarington's impressive level of detail.

  • 28 May 2023
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    INSIDE in the press: "Details and look and feel are hugely impressive" image

The launch of at the beginning of May attracted the interest of the media. The online service of "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" the reported as well as, the independent news portal for the Swiss financial sector or "Classic Driver", an international marketplace for classic cars.  

Neue Zürcher Zeitung

"Roarington: A virtual city to connect old and young in the classic car world", headlines the NZZ. Herbie Schmidt, the newspaper's automotive expert, goes on to write: "The Classic Car Trust (TCCT) wants to use the Auto Classic in the Metaverse to enable collectors to still cultivate their hobby even when electrification changes the car industry permanently. 'Roarington sees itself as a bridge builder between real and virtual life around classic cars,' says Kaiser. 'Fritz Kaiser has once again taken a bold step."  

"The automotive expert also asks the crucial questions: 'Will the world of old gentlemen from the USA come to the Metaverse to meet other collectors?' Will there be significant sales to recoup the investment? Will the youth get excited about classic cars?" In conclusion, Herbie Schmidt judges: "Kaiser's success rate speaks for it."

The online portal promises itself a special kind of driving fun from Roarington, sets the appropriate headline "Take a spin in the Metaverse with a classic car" and also uploads the article on its international portals.

Classic Driver

Classic Driver, in turn, headlines: "Roarington offers classics a virtual home in Metaland" and gives a clear recommendation to its readership: "We think you should definitely get to know Roarington. The existing level of detail and feel are hugely impressive."