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  • 07 May 2023
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Classic Car Metaland Roarington represents a growing urbanity with some interesting addresses and buildings already occupied. Discover which ones they are here.

eRacing Experience

The place where everything revolves around digital horsepower and adrenaline and where professionals, collectors and aficionados meet for training or competition laps or to enjoy their valuable digital car twins on their simulators.

Exhibition District

This is the big Roarington showcase with Car Museums, showrooms and events to stage and celebrate the icons of motorization of the last century.

Roarington Avenue

The Classic Car Metaland boulevard and stage for the famous brands where the classic car aficionado finds everything he desires for his lifestyle.


On the Roarington trading platform you can find real world collector pieces, simulators as well as digital classic car world assets or virtual real estate assets in Roarington as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Club House

This is the social center of the Roarington community in a cool atmosphere where club members hang around, do their meetings or enjoy car talks and events with friends.

Collector Hills

The privileged area for classic car collectors where they have their digital twins of important cars in private garages and showrooms. With a view of the race track or the Roarington Center.

Media House

Roarington's media and news center publishes breaking news, feature stories, market analysis and insights of the world’s top classic car collectors.

Roarington House

Roarington‘s brain, soul, heart and the central administration and coordination desk for businesses, events and promotions. Here you can also register your land ownership or get your digital car pass for eRacing championships.