A prestigious and stimulating award, the Red Dot for Roarington

Roarington, a Red Dot awardee, merges reality and imagination, offering an immersive experience where classic cars come alive in a dynamic virtual world. Feel the roar of the new classic car era.

  • 23 November 2023
  • roarington badge
A prestigious and stimulating award, the Red Dot for Roarington image

The Red Dot awards are highly sought after for their stringent and meticulous selection process. Roarington is therefore immensely grateful to MetaDesign for obtaining, in collaboration with Publicis Zurich, the 2023 recognition for the creation of the Brand, its symbol, and the development of the Brand Experience in a world that seamlessly blends reality and imagination – the world of Roarington

Roarington: feel the roar of the new classic car metaland 

Feel to Roar” perfectly captures the essence with which people globally can connect with Roarington, discovering that the most exquisite classic and collectible cars can exist in the virtual world with the same vitality and charm they possess in reality. This world, just like the one we live in daily, is in a constant state of evolution and growth, offering an array of interactive opportunities and experiences that bring classic automobiles closer to enthusiasts, making them more approachable and accessible than ever before. 

Roarington: the brand provides a stage for classic cars, the real protagonists 

Crossing the symbolic bridge from reality to the technologically advanced and informative village named Roarington, transforms the experience of driving simulators and the discovery of rare, dream cars into a vivid reality where the promise of new and thrilling experiences is no longer a dream. 

In thanking Meta Design and Publicis Zurich for their work for Roarington, Fritz Kaiser and his team will continue their ongoing mission to enhance the love and accessibility of cars that have evolved from mere transport to becoming a genuine part of our culture. 

Roarington: a brand that comes to life in an interactive and immersive brand world under the name Roarington