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  • 14 May 2023
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1-Zagato ElioZ GrayZagato Elio Z

What could be better than to drive the classic car of your dreams whenever and wherever you like? The ultimate automotive thrill at your convenience. Pininfarina's "Sportiva" and Zagato's "Elio Z" simulators let you get behind the wheel of iconic classic cars on the world's most famous circuit and roads. A new dimension of classic car passion!

The ability to drive any Classic car at the press of a button, whether it’s a Mercedes 300SL, a Lamborghini Miura, or even a legendary single-seater like Juan Manuel Fangio’s Maserati 250 F, adds an entirely new dimension to classic car passion.

The Roarington simulators offer a truly unique and exciting classic car experience. Enveloped by classic car components, with a beautifully designed classic monocoque, replicating the movements, engine sounds, and physical behavior of any chosen car, the Roarington simulation experience builds on advanced Formula 1 simulation technology and delivers an unprecedented, tailored, classic car experience.

Pininfarina and Zagato have taken immaculate care in the design and production of their respective simulators. Produced directly in Cambiano and Arese, by the same hands that create one-off Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lancias, or Alfa Romeos of their time, the Pininfarina Sportiva and Zagato ElioZ embody classic car design and driving pleasure.

Roarington.com is the virtual ecosystem of Classic Cars and the petrol head’s new virtual home. With the Roarington simulators, this new home also entails an exciting and classic-car-worthy virtual driving experience. Monthly club races, competitions, and leaderboards will be brought to life through the addition of new classic car digital twins and the virtual replication of important classic car events and races.

Collectors, museums, manufacturers, and designers may virtualize their beloved classic cars into digital twins and give their stars of yesteryear a new, virtual stage, to race, compete, and showcase themselves in the 21st Century.

So, press that clutch, shift into first, and feel the Roooooaaar.

Don’t dream it, drive it.

Zagato Elio Z

2- Zagato ELioZ gray 3- Zagato ElioZ Gray

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