Welcome back Auto Italiana

  • 23 October 2019
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Welcome back Auto Italiana image

The publisher of Domus, the famous architecture and design magazine that is found on the tables of architects all over the world, has made a decision that brings joy to those who know that the use of paper, when it comes to quality topics and products, is irreplaceable. Fifty years after the publication was discontinued, it has proposed its historic magazine Auto Italiana in a very timely formula: quarterly, large format, high quality and content ranging from historical models to contemporary ones. A beautiful object to flip through and keep on the table with the pleasure of recalling the many myths related to cars born south of the Alps.

For those of us who, through The Classic Car Trust and The Key yearbook, aim for excellence in the world of collector cars, the arrival of Auto Italiana is good news.

Just one note: as Domus has the texts in Italian and English, so should Auto Italiana. Italian cars, for collectors, are a constant reference and are part of the objectives of every enthusiast. So, why a linguistic barrier that limits their horizons? In for a penny…