The beauty of being yourself

  • 29 May 2021
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We are very, very happy to hear just how many of you feel the need for that healthy and positive freedom we expressed in last Saturday’s post, featuring minivans and campervans. Your comments and suggestions encouraged us to take one more step into the dream of a world we can all respect and enjoy. As a result, we have tracked down some other vehicles, this time a little bigger and certainly a lot more important. Kind of like going from a wooden house to a mansion…

1After the global success of the T1, Volkswagen presented the second generation called the T2 in 1967. Many versions were built including this Westfalia Camper. The engine is the classic air-cooled boxer 4-cylinder

However, with all that being said, it’s worth remembering that in the world of collecting there are forgotten objects, and even some abandoned ones, that can easily become a splendid opportunity for a patient and loving restoration. Or, as in the case of some real campervans, find their way into more modest lifestyles when the wealthy owners choose a new model. What matters is patience, and luck…

2-2In 1955, Mercedes-Benz launched its first light commercial vehicle, the L 319, which was soon transformed into a campervan. Large and reliable, it’s certainly among the most coveted

This time we have several important brands, starting with Mercedes, but the spirit is the same. We must always remember that we are the ones who make things happen, it’s not frivolous things that make us who we are. Those who believe otherwise miss out on the most beautiful part of life, which is knowing ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses, and knowing how to draw our own a message through the choices we make. Whether it’s clothing or a cheerful camper van to experience the happiness we seek!

3-2Since 1963, the famous English off-road vehicle has also been transformed for those who do not want to sleep in a hotel

4-1The very rare and refined Lancia Superjolly – sharing part of its mechanics with the Flavia – that exists both in van and camper versions. It’s curious to know that it also existed in the Spiaggina version, so capacious it was ideal for larger families

5-2Cheap and compact, the camper version of the Fiat 238 Panorama with its 1,100cc or 1,400cc petrol engines did its job with dignity

6-4In the early 1960s Chevrolet introduced this magnificent minibus van derived from the Corvair that was also turned into a campervan called Greenbrier. It was clearly inspired by VW, with its rear-mounted air-cooled 6-cylinder boxer engine

7-5Chrysler came to the market in 1964 with its Dodge A-Series that was the ideal base to transform into a campervan. The 6-cylinder engine started at 2,800cc but gradually increased in size and power output

8-3If we want to exaggerate, the GMC Motorhome Royale is a true mobile villa. Twin wheels, large spaces and every creature comfort you could wish for. V8 engines of 6.6 or 7.5 litres, were taken from the Oldsmobile Toronado and the Cadillac Eldorado. We are in the early 1970s! Well done!

9-3A youngtimer campervan? The Mercedes MB 100 from the ’80s is absolutely perfect. In this case, it was also powered by diesel engines as well as petrol versions, ranging from 2.0 to 2.9 litres