TCCT Forum St. Moritz 2023

  • 23 September 2023
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TCCT Forum St. Moritz 2023 image

The 5 quotes we chose while listening to the speeches of the 5 speakers at the TCCT Forum in St. Moritz perfectly summarize the opportunity that new technologies offer to a world that continues to advance but must preserve its great past.

"Roarington is the digital overlay of the global classic car world. That is the simple mission." Fritz Kaiser

1Fritz Kaiser (Owner Fritz Kaiser Group, Liechtenstein. Founder The Classic Car Trust and Roarington)

“Roarington is the perfect platform [for the museum] to be in and to work with to reach the worldwide interest for Italian cars.” Benedetto Camerana

2Benedetto Camerana (President MAUTO - The National Italian Automobile Museum and Principal of Camerana & Partner Architects in Turin)

"It needed a brand for classical cars that was about the future. Crystal clear focus. This is the future for classical cars." Alexander Haldemann

NEW 3 (1)Alexander Haldemann (CEO Publicis Groupe Switzerland, Global Chairman MetaDesign)

"Heritage creates future. Heritage is pioneer spirit. Heritage is breakthrough technology." Marcus Breitschwerdt

4Marcus Breitschwerdt (Head Mercedes Benz Heritage, Stuttgart)

“Through the digital way these pieces of art [classic cars] from the 20th century can be preserved for eternity.” Markus Gross

5Markus Gross (Chief Scientist of The Walt Disney Studios and ETH Professor for Computer Science)