8th-17th September 2023: The International St. Moritz Automobile Week. Unmissable!

  • 09 September 2023
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8th-17th September 2023: The International St. Moritz Automobile Week. Unmissable! image

The International St. Moritz Automobile Week, from 8th to 17th September, traditionally concludes with the historic car uphill race, Bernina Granturismo. This year, the spotlight will once again be on Roarington and its simulators.

The formula, which could well be emulated by other events, involves offering competitors the chance to study the course by driving Pininfarina and Zagato Simulators prior to the official trials and the race itself. The ascent, digitally recorded in great detail and closely mirroring real-world times, presents a truly demanding challenge. A significant proposition for two good reasons: it eliminates perilous trials on open roads and familiarises participants with the route without having an impact on the environment.

The Grand Hotel Kempinski will serve as the event headquarters, where Roarington simulators will be available to enthusiasts upon request for a truly exhilarating driving experience!

The International St. Moritz Automobile Week will kick off as usual with the Kilomètre Lancé from Friday 8th to Saturday 9th September, followed by a series of truly unmissable events for classic car aficionados like us.

Below is the complete list:

Roarington Lounge, 2nd-17th September

At the Hotel Kempinski in the Roarington Lounge with the opportunity to drive the Pininfarina and Zagato simulators.


Kilomètre Lancé, 8th-10th September

Acceleration race at the St. Moritz Engadin Airport with vintage cars and motorcycles.


Targa Poschiavo Engiadina, 9th-11th September

A rally designed for pre-war cars produced from 1905 to 1926, too young for the London to Brighton and too old for the 1000 Miglia.


Super Stick Shift, 12th-14th September

The pleasure of analogue driving on the alpine roads of Engadina. Supercars produced from 1974 to 1995 may register for the rally.


Motorsport Rendez-Vous, 12th-15th September

Not just a simple display of vintage and modern cars, but a unique opportunity to engage with collectors.


Bernina Gran Turismo, 14th-17th September

The highlight of the event, the Bernina uphill race, gives spectators the chance to see history-making cars tackle 50 curves in a truly unmissable race.


Mobility Forum, 10th-15th September

Not only classic cars, but also contemporary issues to shape the present and future of mobility.