Scuderia Ferrari. The first, true racing team

  • 18 October 2023
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Photo credit: Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari can rightly be considered the first, true racing team. There had been examples of drivers co-operating together to manage race cars such as Nuvolari and Varzi with Bugatti, but these were not genuine organisations with long-term structures and objectives. It was 1929 when Enzo, who was also an excellent driver, realized that his true calling was another: to build an empire in racing with authority and success.

Scuderia Ferrari. The first, true racing team - 1 Scuderia Ferrari's first victory came in the challenging hill climb race Trieste-Opicina on June 15, 1930, thanks to Tazio Nuvolari at the wheel of the Alfa Romeo P2.

He knew he could build cars, something he had already demonstrated with the Alfa Bimotore single-seater and understood that it was not impossible to dream of becoming a constructor. But it was too early. It was, however, immediately clear to him what the ingredients of success were: a company composed of friendly and loyal people such as the Caniato brothers, wealthy and highly skilled drivers and his friend Ferruccio Testi; the presence in his company, albeit with small holdings, of industrial partners such as Pirelli and even Alfa Romeo. Partners that were soon joined by Shell, Magneti Marelli and others. A structure of this type, based in Modena, an Art Nouveau building that became famous, a fleet of high-quality cars, a great organizational efficiency and a powerful symbol - the Prancing Horse Shield - gave Scuderia Ferrari an authority that was previously unheard of in the motor racing world.

Scuderia Ferrari. The first, true racing team - 2 The Prancing Horse logo makes its debut on Scuderia Ferrari cars at the 1932 Spa 24 Hours. It brings good luck, the race in fact ends with a one-two finish.

After eight years of activity – the Scuderia was purchased by Alfa only to be closed at the beginning of 1938 when Enzo joined the company in Milan – they had racked up 225 race participations and no less than 144 victories! The Scuderia Ferrari symbol reappeared on the track once again in 1952, at the Syracuse Grand Prix, on the single seater by Enzo Ferrari who was now a constructor. And it never disappeared again.

Scuderia Ferrari. The first, true racing team - 3 The first headquarters of the Società Anonima Scuderia Ferrari at Trento e Trieste Street. It was the first Scuderia in Europe to establish business partnerships with suppliers by giving them publicity.