Roarington and MAUTO together. The joy of being at the forefront of a world that did not exist

  • 19 July 2023
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Roarington and MAUTO together. The joy of being at the forefront of a world that did not exist image

Photo credit: from left: Fritz Kaiser, Benedetto Camerana, Davide Valsecchi, Andrea Montermini

The festivities marking the 90th anniversary of the National Automobile Museum in Turin, a majestic structure that houses a collection of unique richness and originality, offered the visiting public genuine moments of genuine amusement. When two skilled and amiable drivers, Andrea Montermini and Davide Valsecchi - both of whom have also raced in Formula 1 with Ferrari and Lotus, took the wheel of the iconic Fiat, which back in 1954, had daringly experimented with a Turbine engine without the aid of wings or downforce, they faced the exhilarating challenge of trying to tame it, seated behind the wheel of the Roarington simulators that are part of the museum exhibition celebrating the anniversary.

DSC02591Andrea Montermini and Davide Valsecchi

Driving the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante is easier, but no less exciting. These were cars that epitomized futuristic vision even in the past. This concept of looking ahead was echoed and underlined in the speech given by Fritz Kaiser, the visionary behind Roarington, and Benedetto Camerana, President of MAUTO in the Museum's Auditorium, and attended by authorities and the media.

IMG 9220Benedetto Camerana and Fritz Kaiser

Roarington is the contemporary interpretation of a world of experiences and passion within the universe of classic and collector's cars. Contemporary and beyond: the simulators, authentic works of art created by Pininfarina and Zagato, transform digital technology into tangible action and reality. Driving them allows visitors to experience the emotions and sensations of a real car, thanks also to the vehicle's motion, which is replicated by actuators that mimic the effects of real driving. And when the car is old and complex, the driving experience becomes even more exhilarating.

IMG 9221Davide Valsecchi on the simulator

While the simulators are decidedly contemporary, with bodywork and technologies reminiscent of the past, the world that unfolds upon entering is unquestionably futuristic. Here, the concept of the metaverse showcases the boundless potential of technologies merging with artificial intelligence, inviting enthusiasts of classic and collectible cars to create their own new worlds alongside their everyday realities.

During their insightful conversation, Museum President Benedetto Camerana and Fritz Kaiser emphasized that visiting Roarington also immerses visitors in a space where identical twins of the Museum's cars are on display. “The development of technologies will allow us to better convey messages of a future metaverse, initially through sights and sounds but also progressively by exploiting the artificialization of our senses”, stated Camerana. “It is an evolving world in which we must be present from the very beginning to seize the abundant opportunities that lie ahead”.

Indeed, this important museum with its grand exhibitions transcends national boundaries. Being part of a vibrant universe like Roarington offers enthusiasts and curious individuals from around the world the opportunity to explore and experience MAUTO within Roarington. By following the numerous activities, visitors may eventually decide to venture out and visit it in person in Turin.


As if to say: welcome to a world that didn’t exist and will be difficult to do without.