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  • 10 June 2023
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Perhaps more than the fortune of his wealthy family, Miles Collier inherited a deep passion for automobiles from his father and uncle, who were both drivers and founders of the Automobile Racing Club of America, which later became the Sports Car Club of America after World War II. Sadly, fate was cruel to the Collier family. Miles' uncle Sam died in a race at Watkins Glen in 1950, and his father passed away just a few years later at the young age of forty due to illness.

Fate, however, determined that automobiles would play a central role in the Collier family. Miles' son, who shares the same name as his father, has created a collection of automobiles that is unmatched anywhere in the world. One of the highlights of this collection is the entire collection of Briggs Cunningham, which was purchased by the younger Miles in 1986. The friendship between Cunningham and the Collier family ran deep. In fact, Miles and Sam had driven for Cunningham at Le Mans in the Cadillac that the American constructor and driver entered into the race.

Collier Revs Institute Collier Collection - Revs Institute

The Collier collection quickly became a laboratory of automotive culture. As Miles describes in his latest book, "Archeological Automobiles", his mission is to preserve and document the history of the automobile. This led to the creation of the Revs Institute in Naples, Florida, where the collection is housed. The Institute contains 25,000 books and 600,000 images related to the history of the automobile and racing, and it offers seminars and training courses for restoration enthusiasts and collectors.

The Collier's magnificent collection is open to visitors and is definitely worth the trip.

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