Inseparable. And they always will be. Peter, Merle, and their masterpieces

  • 23 September 2023
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Inseparable. And they always will be. Peter, Merle, and their masterpieces image

Photo credit: Mullin Museum, Peninsula

Peter Mullin's absence from the prestigious international concourses in the past year, where he used to exhibit his magnificent automobiles, left little room for hope. But Merle, his delightful and inseparable wife and passionate partner, was there. She stood alongside the collection of cars, sending a powerful message that the extraordinary heritage of French automobiles, and more, collected by them over the years, would continue to be admired and celebrated.

Today, with Peter no longer with us, the significance of this message is more profound than ever. If the automobile has become a cultural icon, it’s thanks to individuals like him, who, with courage and generosity, contributed to the creation of the renowned Petersen Museum in Los Angeles, his own museum in Oxnard, California, open to the public. Here, visitors can marvel at the French masterpieces that dominated the 1930s. Peter Mullin’s vision even extended to a grand European project, in England, to exhibit a part of his collection – a project which, if it becomes reality, will strengthen his legacy even more.

Mullin-Coachbuilders-Image (1)A view of the Mullin Automotive Museum, a collection that shows the peculiarity of French cars, even through non-exclusive models like the Citroen DS and 2CV.

With this cover image, we wanted to remember Peter, Merle, and one of their most spectacular cars to illustrate how refinement played an important role in their shared history. Beyond their ever-elegant public appearances, their sophistication led them to organize cultural events like the one dedicated to the Bugatti family, showcasing furniture and sculptures. They also patiently and systematically collected seemingly less prominent French cars, which were nevertheless significant in preserving a culture that has always accompanied 'la Grand Nation'.

Farewell, Peter. We will remember you with the smiles from your many victories, a smile that Merle will continue to share with us, carrying you and your marvels in her heart.

2Peter Mullin together with the magnificent Bugatti 57SC Atlantic, co-owned with Samuel Robson Walton.