Roarington welcomes Zagato

"Roarington: The Classic Car Metaland" by Zagato and TCCT presents a virtual ecosystem connecting collectors, showcasing the iconic Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato, and offering an immersive racing experience.

  • 25 May 2023
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Roarington welcomes Zagato  image

The consolidated partnership between Zagato and TCCT continues with "Roarington" bringing the world of collecting into a new dimension. 

"Roarington, the Classic Car Metaland" is a virtual ecosystem for classic cars: an exciting journey into a fascinating future that wants to connect collectors, aficionados, interested parties and business in a community of like-minded, passionate people to promote old cars with young people, making them more accessible, in terms of driving experience. 

This new virtual space dedicates two significant areas to Zagato: a virtual showroom where the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato, one of the design icons of the motoring world, is on display together with the eRacing Experience, where "Elio Z" simulator offers the pure sports driving of yesteryear.  

Zagato, today recognized as the last independent Design Atelier, boasts collaborations with 45 different OEMs dressing models that have become icons in the car collecting world. Its racing experience of more than 100 years, has now a dedicated virtual showroom where the exact digital twin of the DB4GT Zagato can be admired. An accurate scan of the car that marked in the late 1950s the beginning of the collaboration between the Milanese Atelier and Aston Martin, that continues still today.  

Sitting in the “Elio Z” simulator, touching its steering wheel and manual gearbox with the traditional three pedals, gives the exact feeling of the GT era of the 1950s. Among the best racing drivers of the history, like Enzo Ferrari, Fangio, Nuvolari, Jim Clark and Stirling Moss, who all won with Zagato's bodied cars, Roarington and Zagato pay tribute to Elio, who raced in 150 competitions, winning 82 races and 5 Granturismo Titles. 

The interpretation of the distinctive essential beauty of Zagato with a cutting edge technology, evokes the best distinctive features of the Milanese Atelier today presented in the best digital way at