Virtual Garage: exciting new entries

  • 16 October 2021
  • 3 min read
  • 10 images
Virtual Garage: exciting new entries image

After the many auctions of the summer, the three Virtual Garages of TCCT are back once again. The rules haven’t changed: the collector of the least expensive cars, “The Cautious”, does not make any purchases above €100,000. “The Sober”, far better off, sets a limit at €750,000, while there is no limit for “The Wealthy”, even if this last collector first considered his wallet before choosing which models to buy.

The Cautious

1-2002-honda-s2000Worth having only for the high-tech aspirated Honda engine, but also its clean and decidedly personal line makes this Honda S2000 from 2002 a youngtimer par excellence. Sold for €15,100 ($18,000)

2-160-lancia-flaminia-gtThe traditional elegance of Lancia combined with the beautiful design of Carrozzeria Touring, makes this 1960 Flaminia GT Convertible an irresistible piece for a true collector. Sold for €60,775 ($71,500)

3-1997-ferrari-550-maranelloThe car that marked the return to front engine 12-cylinder Ferraris after the 512BB and Testarossa era. A model that’s becoming more and more attractive as the years pass. Sold for €65,025 ($77,561)

The Sober

4-1962-jaguar-e-typeThe seductive power of the Jaguar E-Type, inspired by the famous D-Type, was so great that even Enzo Ferrari said it was “the most beautiful car ever made”. The 1962 version of the Jaguar E-Type Series 1 'Flat Floor' 3.8-Litre Roadster is certainly an object worth having in the garage. Sold for €107,280 ($126,980)

5-1976-fiat-131-abarth-rallyRacing cars often have an important aesthetic component in their livery. The Fiat 131 Abarth Rally Stradale from 1976 turns this law upside down: its square shapes, protrusions, asymmetries, and no sponsors make it even more interesting and fierce. Sold for €155,000 ($184,000)

6-1968-mercedes-benz-280-slThe car that marked an era, with its incomparable personality, is a showcase of elegance and aristocracy. The 1968 Mercedes-Benz 280 SL “Pagoda”, made to be admired, but also to be driven. Sold for €284,750 ($335,000)

The Wealthy

7-1990-ferrari-f40A 1990 F40 for just over €1 million today is definitely a bargain. Any collection worth its salt deserves one. Sold for €1,032,500 ($1,190,000)

8-1960-lamborghini-miura-p400The Miura P400 is the perfect balance of shapes and contrasts. A rare colour for what will always be the true symbol of Lamborghini. Sold for €977,440 ($1,156,925)

9-1938-bugatti-type-57c-atalante-coupeA car that represents what Bugatti could not become: the magnificent 1938 Type 57C Atalante Coupe, of the 57 series, remained the last creation of Ettore’s son, Jean. Sold for €1,491,500 ($1,765,000)

Editor’s Choice

10-1933-rolls-royce-phantom-2The nobility of a collection demands its own symbols: the famous Parthenon-inspired Rolls-Royce radiator and the magnificence of the Rolls-Royce Phantom II Special Brougham By Brewster from 1933 are precisely that. Sold for €1,442,078 ($1,716,563)