The TCCT Virtual Garage is back for 2022

  • 05 March 2022
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The TCCT Virtual Garage is back for 2022 image

Who remembers our three collectors, one careful about money, one quite wealthy and one decidedly fortunate, who spent 2021 buying cars for their collections at international auctions to keep in our virtual garages? Well, they’re back again this year too, and we are right there with them. Here, we’ve listed the cars they have chosen from the opening European and American auctions of this year. If “Mister Cautious” continues to carefully select the models to add to his passion - last year, on average, he invested €41,000 ($46,000) per car, the second collector, “Mister Sober” continues to focus more on models that can grow in value. In 2021, on average, he paid €277,000 ($311,500) for the 15 cars he purchased. That’s a lot of money but the trends of the current market are rewarding him. In the end “Mister Wealthy” didn’t hold back either – how else could he have earned that name? – and paid an average of €1,931,000 ($2,171,000) for each new car added to his collection. But money, as they say, makes money, illustrated spectacularly by the €1,032,000 ($1,160,500) he paid for his Ferrari F40 when one was recently sold for over two million. And those returns can be seen pretty much across all of his acquisitions!

Well, the 2022 purchases have begun in earnest: will Mister Cautious be happier now he can participate in the London to Brighton with his new 1902 Darracq, which he paid €90,000 ($101,200) to own? And will Mr. Wealthy sleep peacefully knowing he grabbed a rare Mercedes 300 SL in aluminum for just under six million euros?

It matters very little as long as we have fun looking at the market in this very original way.

PS. As always, the TCCT editorial staff also made a purchase: the 1996 Ferrari F310 Show Car, the first red car with which Schumacher won a Grand Prix. We will keep it in the editorial office always remembering that the great Michael is always with us. How much did it cost us? €216,000 ($240,805) - worth every cent.

The Cautious

1-chrysler 2-le-man-coupe 3-darracq

The Sober

4-delorean 5-cord 6-lamborghini

The Wealthy

7-bugatti 8-hirohata 9-mercedes-benz

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