Pininfarina Formula Futuro

  • 22 May 2021
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Pininfarina Formula Futuro image

In his inaugural address at the Formula Futuro Exhibition at the Mauto – the National Car Museum in Turin – that celebrates the 90th anniversary of the famous Turin coachbuilder and open until 12th September, Paolo Pininfarina, the Chairman of the company said “Alongside me, together with the 1965 Dino Berlinetta Speciale, is a style preview of the driving simulator we designed and built for The Classic Car Trust, inspired by the forms of the legendary Cisitalia 202 and created to give enthusiasts the thrill of driving the most prestigious classic cars using cutting-edge technologies”. In fact, the model, named “Sportiva”, is proof that real classic cars can be flanked by an elegant and technological object that faithfully replicates the pleasure of driving famous models on famous tracks from the comfort and safety of one’s own garage or even the living room.

1-5-2048x1367Paolo Pininfarina between the 1965 Dino Berlinetta Speciale and “Sportiva”, the driving simulator by The Classic Car Trust

In addition to the simulator, the bridge between the past and the future is also beautifully demonstrated by futuristic models – such as the safe single-seater concept, the 1969 Ferrari-powered Sigma Grand Prix – or contemporary models such as the hydrogen-powered H2 Speed and the Battista, fully electric with 1,900 horsepower. 

2-5-2048x1367The 1969 Sigma Grand Prix safe single-seater concept and the 2016 hydrogen-powered H2 Speed sportscar

But the vision of the future comes from afar, as models that have interpreted tomorrow clearly show, also thanks to the great wind tunnel of Pininfarina: the P6, defined by Paolo as “the mother of all berlinettas”, the BB and the Sergio.

3-4-2048x1367The study to achieve the best aerodynamic coefficient (just 0.20cx) conducted in 1978 by Pininfarina for the Italian National Research Centre

An exhibition well worth seeing in order to fully understand the importance of structures outside the manufacturers, capable of daring ideas and creativity that cater for the needs of today and tomorrow. An important detail? How about the very contemporary need to maintain a balanced relationship with nature by recycling things that have already been created? A detail found in the Battista’s interior made from “briccole”, the ancient wooden poles used to moor the gondolas in the Venice lagoon.

4-4-2048x1367The prototype of the 1968 Ferrari P6 considered by Paolo Pininfarina “the mother of all berlinettas”

5-4-2048x1367The Ferrari BB, the first rear-engined 12-cylinder road car from Maranello

6-2-2048x1367The tradition of Alfa Romeo spiders: after the Giulietta and the Duet, the 2uettottanta concept

7-3-2048x1367The limited series 2013 Ferrari Sergio, created in honour of Sergio Pininfarina

8-4-2048x1367Discovering electrification: the 2008 Sintesi

9-1-2048x1367The future in the name of the founder: the 1,900 hp fully electric Battista