Roarington Manifesto

  • 07 May 2023
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Roarington is a digital overlay of the real classic car world and its protagonists, and creates the home to a new world of experience in the virtual space.
Roarington connects collectors, aficionados, interested parties and businesses in a community of like-minded, passionate people.
Roarington inspires people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy classic cars as a cultural asset, making dreams attainable for many.
Roarington provides convenient access to information, high-level experiences and offerings connected to a contemporary luxury classic car lifestyle.
Roarington leverages proven and evolving technology for digital assets around classic cars and organizes the market for them.
Roarington is the virtual ecosystem for classic cars and operates on the basis of the relevant laws and internationally recognized ethical principles.

1947 Cisitalia 202 SC VIN Number 0461947 Cisitalia 202 SC VIN Number 046.
Italian style icon. Pinina Farinas moving sculpture.
Sibling at MoMA New York perminent design exhibition.
Foto: Rene Staud

rsz virtual cisitalia Digital twin of 1947 Cisitalia 202 SC VIN #046.
TCCT Certificate of Authenticity 2023.
Ready to race on Simulators in Roarington.

To learn more about Roarington, including answers to common questions and opportunities for business partners and visitors, visit the Roarington House district.