H&H, Hampson, CCA: Rare Cars, Great Deals

  • 06 April 2024
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H&H, Hampson, CCA: Rare Cars, Great Deals image

Photo credit: CCA Classic Car Auctions, H&H Auctions, Hampson Auction

Attending a low-budget car auction is a great way to take home some precious gems. That's what makes small auctions appealing. Between March 13 and 24 there were no less than three in the UK, H&H, Hampson and CCA. All three had at least 100 lots on offer and in all of them were real treasures for a modest price. Before spotlighting the cars, as always we will have a closer look at the numbers that generally explain how the auctions went.

First up was H&H, which brought 149 cars to the aviation museum in Duxford but unfortunately auctioned off only 69 (a poor 46.31 percent). Even with regard to the money, the result was similar: £4,229,000 offered and £1,447,919 awarded equal to £20,984 per car on average.
H&H, Duxford, 13th March 2024
Just four days later, at Bolesworth Castle in Chester, Hampson Auctions held its auction with a total of 112 cars valued at £1,364,000. At the end of the day 61 cars (54.46%) changed hands for a total of £754,723, averaging £12,373 each.
Hampson, Chester, 17th March 2024
In comparison, CCA went all out: The auction was connected to the Practical Classic Restoration Show at the NEC in Birmingham, a location closely associated with cars. In fact, the results were the best of all three: Out of 225 cars offered, over 58 percent (132 cars) sold for a total of £2,199,033, not bad considering that a total of £3,899,000 was offered. The average price this time was £16,659.
CCA, Birmingham, 24th March 2024
Fair to wonder why three interesting auctions had limited success? One could guess that it is due to competition from online auctions: Physical auctions have high costs that are passed on to customers with higher commissions than online purchases. And since there are many "normal" cars at these types of auctions, buyers find it cheaper to buy online. Now let's have a look at the cars.

Let's start with the most expensive cars at each auction. Interestingly, at both H&H and Hampson the top lot turned out to be the same model: A Porsche 911 3.3 Turbo. At H&H it was a black 1980 model with a magnificent restoration that lasted five years. Estimated at £100,000-120,000 it did actually fetch just under £99,562.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 1 1980 Porsche 911 (930) Turbo 3.3 sold for £99,562 (€116,450)

Hampson also had a black model, however, this time from 1986. The condition of the car was also quite good, and the estimate was similar: £80,000-100,000. The selling price was £103,500, just 5 percent higher than the other.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 2 1986 Porsche 911 (930) Turbo 3.3 sold for £103,500 (€121,050)

For CCA, on the other hand, it was a triumph of Jaguar E-Types, which took first, second and third place. At the top of the podium was a 1971 E-Type S3 V12 Roadster that was estimated at £80,000-100,000. It rarely happens but a bid of £110,000 managed to convince the owner to sell it before the auction. In any case, the condition of the car was excellent: The color (gunmetal with gray interior) was outstanding, the restoration profound and impeccable, and the upgrades were the best one could ask for: Getrag 5-speed transmission, Koni shocks and the limited slip differential.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 3 1971 Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12 Roadster sold for £110,000 (€128,650)

One of the most interesting lots in the CCA auction was the Ford Zodiac Mk2 Lowline. Year 1961, two-tone in gray/white which is very 1950s petite bourgeoisie and just 20,370 miles. Never restored, it was one of the best models around. Perhaps even the best and in fact the estimate of £14,000-16,000 was blown away when it changed hands for £27,000. And so CCA set a new record for this model.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 4 1961 Ford Zodiac Mk II 'Lowline' sold for £27,000 (€31,575)

H&H also had its moment of glory with the Porsche 911 2.4T Coupe. One of 106 units from 1972, therefore with the external oil cap (known among connoisseurs as "Oel Klappe"), in the same family for over 35 years and with the original engine. It was a long-stalled restoration, however, and a Carrera 2.7 RS look, which was very much a thing for some time, not any more today. The estimate of £35,000-45,000 seemed fair but some lover decided to raise the paddle to £65,250.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 5 1972 Porsche 911 T 2.4 Litre "Oel Klappe" sold for £65,250 (€76,315)

There were no particular "flare-ups" at Hampson's, but because of that, bargains were everywhere. For example, there were a couple of BMW "M's" that many would have loved to take home. The first model was a 2000 Z3M Roadster in the iconic Estoril Blue. There were a few flaws: The non-original wheels, the replaced bumper made one suspect an accident, and so much more. Still, there's no denying the bargain at £10,238. That's nothing compared to European prices, and when bought to drive it, the satisfaction is guaranteed.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 6 2000 BMW Z3M Roadster sold for £10,238 (€11,975)

The other "bimmer" was newer and much better put together. A 2016 BMW M6 Gran Coupe Competition. Marked "YE66 PYP" it was part of BMW's press fleet and documented by Autocar's test in its year of production. At the time it cost over £124,000 but eight years and 64,000 miles later, offered with no reserve it sold for £22,500. A real bargain.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 7 2016 BMW M6 Competition sold for £22,500 (€26,315)

Another interesting case from H&H: A 1952 Daimler DB18 Special Sports DHC. The perfect car for a wedding and a total must-have model. It was restored between 1999 and 2000, almost a quarter of a century ago, and was sold for a total cost of £90,000. In May 2021 the same model offered now was sold for £43,875. An unbeatable record and almost 3 times the minimum estimate (£15,000-20,000). Despite an estimate of £25,000-30,000, almost half the previous auction, the sale price failed to achieve it: £23,625. An excellent bargain for the buyer.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 8 1952 Daimler DB18 Special Sports Drophead Coupe sold for £23,625 (€27,630)

CCA, with double the cars, also offered twice as many bargains. Among the favorites were definitely a trio of Alfa Romeos: A 159, a GTV and a Brera. The 159 had the 1750 TBI engine, the same as the much better known (and collectible) 4C "depowered" to 200hp but with 6 gears the excitement is guaranteed. Compared to 4Cs at £100,000, buying it for just £8,775 seems like a gift.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 9 2009 Alfa Romeo 159 TBi sold for £8,775 (€10,265)

Then the GTV, with the legendary 3-liter V6 "Busso" (named after the first engineer), only 57,000 miles and gorgeous color combination (dark gray and red interior), a real gem to keep and pass on, sold for £3,938. Practically nothing.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 10 1998 Alfa Romeo GTV V6 Lusso 24V sold for £3,938 (€4,605)

And then there was the Brera, a beautiful car to look at and with the transformation (horsepower and trim) of the famous Prodrive, wonderful to drive. The price? £8,438. With only 500 produced, finding another one is quite difficult. One like this one, even more so.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 11 new 2009 Alfa Romeo Brera S-V6 Prodrive sold for £8,438 (€9,870)

Among the highlights at CCA were the Drayon collection, a group of special Range Rovers. Among a dozen of the special "queens," two were extra distinctive: A 1987 Overfinch 5 Litre and a Carmichael Velar. Nowadays we take it for granted that super-SUVs with high-powered engines are capable of rivaling grand tourers, but in 1987 to attempt such an approach was foolish or visionary ( take your pick). Overfinch tried it with a 300 BHP 5-liter (at the time more power than a Porsche Turbo) and a legend was born. The unit offered was in need of restoration and sold for £5,625.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 12 new 1987 Range Rover Overfinch 5-Litre sold for £5,625 (€6,575)

The Carmichael, on the other hand, was a vehicle designed for firefighting purposes and actually had 6 wheels. While the front end was a Range, the rear end resembled a fire engine. If you ever see one in person, don't forget it. Several copies were made by Carmichael but this particular one was chassis number 2 of the Velar, which in turn was the prototype of the first Range (they only made 20 units). In essence it was the second Range Rover ever made and in fact was registered in 1969 whereas the first Range cars are from 1970. A double piece of history also in need of restoration but at £29,250 a total bargain.

H&H, Hampson, CCA. Business? More! - 13 new 1969 Range Rover Velar Carmichael 6-Wheel Fire Tender sold for £29,250 (€34,200)