300SL Gullwing

  • 09 September 2020
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Germany Vs. Italy. Mercedes Vs. Ferrari. We're not on the Formula 1 track where, at least these days, any comparison would be imbalanced, but in the final round of the challenge which, throughout the month of August, put iconic cars of every era and brand up against each other, and asked those who follow us who would win. And the winner of the final round of the TCCT Classic Car Trophy was the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing, that squarely defeated the Ferrari F40 by 59 to 41.

mercedes-benz 300 sl 408 Mercedes 300SL. Brand image

It shouldn't come as a surprise: last year, in our Yearbook, The Key, in the survey carried out on 500 American, English, German, French and Italian classic car fans, the result was as clear as day. It also won in the two subgroups with younger and older interviewees. Everybody liked it. Today we have confirmation of this.

70965-scaled Mercedes 300SL. Sport

How come? Let's make an attempt at explaining it while we wait for your suggestions and comments:

  • for the period in which it was made – 1954 – when automobile creativity was extraordinary. A creativity that Mercedes interpreted with a truly magical balance between volumes and form. With one noticeable addition: those magnificent doors that open like wings upwards towards the sky;

  • for the number of examples produced – 1400 – few, but not that few. A useful number both for collecting and notoriety. This car is far better known than other famous models;

  • for its very real yet not extreme sportiness, which means it's sporting nature is elegant but not too aggressive;

  • for the quality of the technology used which was borrowed in part from Mercedes' successful return to racing after the devastation of the war

  • for the authority of the brand, which proudly appears on the front grille and on the rear, a true signature of a Made in Germany that was able to overcome the weight of defeat and destruction in a very short period of time

mercedes-benz 300 sophialoren 23 Mercedes 300SL. Lifestyle

Congratulations Gullwing, but congratulations as well to the F40, the symbol of a different country, oozing creativity, courageous vision and driven by that incredible shade of red, which brings with it a wave of optimism.

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