Rallye des Legendes Richard Mille 2023

  • 19 - 23 September 2023
  • Nice - Paris, France
Rallye des Legendes Richard Mille 2023 image

The most beautiful wonders produced by the world’s motor car industry roaring celebrating the ‘Art de vivre’. The Rallye des Légendes Richard Mille has one simple ambition – to bring together the best and most rarely seen cars amidst some of Europe’s most spectacular roads and scenery. For over a week, Peter Auto (event organizer) brings the world’s most spectacular racing cars out on show. Alfa Romeos, Bentleys, Bugattis, Ford GT40s and Shelby Cobra Daytonas, Ferraris, Jaguars, Matras, Maserati Mercedes-Benz and Porsches, all icons in our collective imagination, and surely the most beautiful cars ever made.

50 models dating between 1925 and 1975, chosen according to their historic value and exceptional qualities take part. But this is by no means a competition. The Rallye des Légendes Richard Mille is about accomplishment and pride in technical performance. The circuit itself is star based and each evening the drivers come back to the point of departure.

Peter Auto was always going to team up one day with Richard Mille. The two share their passion for elegance and cars not only for this event but also at Le Mans Classic dedicated to classic cars, and Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille, the concours d'élégance reimagined.

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