1956 Ferrari Tipo 410 Superamerica

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The Ferrari Tipo 410 Superamerica 1956 is a true icon in the world of luxury sports cars. This vehicle was produced as a high-end version of the 410 America, which featured a V12 engine and a strong focus on luxury and performance. The Superamerica took this concept to the next level, with even more power, style, and advanced technology.

At the heart of the Tipo 410 Superamerica 1956 is a 5.0-liter V12 engine that produces an impressive 340 horsepower. This engine was designed to deliver a smooth, seamless driving experience with plenty of power on tap at all times. It features advanced technologies like dual overhead cams, an aluminum block and cylinder heads for light weight, and a dry-sump oil system for improved performance and reliability.

The chassis of the 1956 Superamerica is also an impressive feat of engineering. It features a tubular steel frame that is lightweight yet incredibly strong, providing a solid foundation for the car's performance. The suspension system uses double wishbones at the front and a live axle at the rear, with coil springs and hydraulic shock absorbers on all four corners. This setup provides an excellent balance of comfort and handling, giving drivers a smooth ride and precise control at all times.

In terms of styling, the Superamerica is a true work of art. It features a long, sweeping hood and a curvaceous body that is both elegant and aggressive. The car's lines are clean and simple, with minimal ornamentation and a focus on pure, unadulterated beauty. The Superamerica also has a number of advanced design features that were ahead of their time, including a wraparound windshield, a rearward sloping rear window, and integrated exhaust outlets.

Inside, the Superamerica is a showcase of luxury and refinement. It features high-quality leather upholstery, a wood-rimmed steering wheel, and a full range of advanced instrumentation and controls. It also has a number of advanced features, including power windows, air conditioning, and a premium audio system.

Overall, the Ferrari Tipo 410 Superamerica 1956 is a true masterpiece of engineering, design, and performance. It is a vehicle that truly embodies the spirit of Italian sports car culture and continues to be admired and revered by enthusiasts around the world.


- The Ferrari Tipo 410 Superamerica was first introduced in 1955 as a successor to the 375 America. - The car was designed by Pininfarina and featured a sleek, aerodynamic body with a prominent, long hood. - The Tipo 410 Superamerica was powered by a V12 engine that produced 340 horsepower, making it one of the most powerful cars of its time. - The car was available in both coupe and convertible versions, with several custom bodies built by various coachbuilders such as Ghia and Boano. - In 1956, a special version of the Tipo 410 Superamerica was built for the renowned Italian businessman and racing veteran Gianni Agnelli, featuring a unique body design by Pininfarina. - The car was widely acclaimed for its performance and luxury, with several notable owners including actor Peter Sellers, fashion designer Gianni Versace, and industrialist Aga Khan III. - The production of the Ferrari Tipo 410 Superamerica ended in 1959, with a total of just 35 units produced.


• Engine: 5.0-liter Lampredi V12 engine • Power: 340 horsepower • Top speed: 170 mph • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds • Transmission: Four-speed manual • Suspension: Independent front suspension and live rear axle • Brakes: Drum brakes with hydraulic operation • Steering: Worm and roller steering gear • Dimensions: 161.4 inches long, 68.9 inches wide, and 51.6 inches tall • Weight: 1,480 kg (3,260 lb) • Body style: Coupe • Production years: 1955-1959 • Units produced: 18 • Price: $16,800 (equivalent to $165,000 today)
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