1960 Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato

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The early 1960s marked the pinnacle of the rivalry between Aston Martin and Ferrari in the World Sports Championship. Fresh from its overall victory at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1959 with the DBR1 prototype, the British manufacturer decided to focus on the new GT class by introducing the DB4GT with a shortened chassis and an upgraded engine. However, in the first races, the car proved to be uncompetitive, prompting the company’s senior management to turn to Zagato for help. Zagato, already famous for its collaborations with Alfa Romeo and Lancia racing cars, was instruct-ed to improve the DB4GT during a meeting at Earls Court in London. Unveiled at the 1960 London Motor Show and produced in a limited run of just 19 units (13 right-hand drive and 6 left-hand drive), the DB4GT Zagato was an upgraded version of the base model, achieved through the use of light-weight materials like aluminium instead of steel for various components which, thanks to a unique design, has given it a truly iconic status among motor enthusiasts. The GTZ combines the essence of Aston Martin’s distinctive shape with Zagato’s fluid lines and represents the pinnacle of Zagato’s Gran Turismo decade. The removal of the bumpers, the pursuit of aerodynamics through the elon-gated nose, and the more pronounced grille give the car a more aggressive look and perfect propor-tions. The 3.7-litre, inline six-cylinder twin-plug engine can produce 318 horsepower, some 12 more than the standard DB4GT. The success of the car convinced Aston Martin and Zagato to revive it in different eras. In 1991, four cars were made from unused chassis from the 60s, called “Sanction II”, followed by two cars in 2000 called “Sanction III”. In 2019, a small production run of 19 units was created and named “Continuation”, as part of the Centenary Collection. The 19 original DB4GT Zagatos are highly sought after and command very significant prices in the region of €15 million.

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