Iconic Design Legends

Starting from its roots and from the solid reputation achieved during more than 90 years of glorious history, Pininfarina has confirmed its role as standard-bearer of the aesthetic values of Italian design in the world.

“In its genes, Pininfarina today is the same as it was in the Thirties: the central role of design, aesthetic sensitivity capable of creating timeless beauty, constant striving for innovation, the strength of a tradition that brings together industry, technology and stylistic research” Paolo Pininfarina

All of Pininfarina’s road and race cars bear these traits, so much so that they resemble true works of art. This capacity to convey elegance and dynamicity peaked with the little Cisitalia 202, which the New York Museum of Modern Art (the famous MoMA), chose to exhibit as a symbol of the style that accompanied the post-war rebirth of the automobile.

Pininfarina has evolved from an artisan concern to an international service Group, supreme expression of automotive styling and an established reality in industrial design and architecture. Pininfarina today looks to the future through its multidisciplinary expertise in services. The skills it has historically expressed in the automotive sector – design and limited series production - are only a portion of the range of services that the company can offer its customers today. Cross-fertilisation, mainly from Industrial and Experience Design, Architecture and Nautical, allows Pininfarina to offer a new, broader value proposition in the form of integrated solutions and turnkey projects in all sectors, from automotive to product design, from real estate to sailing, from experience design to retail.

Combining its multidisciplinary competences, Pininfarina joined forces with TCCT in 2019 to create refined driving simulators able to make car passionate live a racing experience in the era of classic cars. Pininfarina is now joining Roarington to enhance the experience of the simulators leveraging on the new digital technologies.

Among the many creations of the Turin-based coachbuilder, Roarington offers the 1970 Modulo concept and the Cisitalia 202 that inspired the design of the "Sportiva" simulator.The Modulo is regarded as one of the most iconic concept cars in automotive history with truly futuristic lines. Since it was first seen, the design has won 22 international design awards and has been described as a “search for pure form in its deliberate geometricity”.The cars presented, were scanned to achieve perfect fidelity to the real car, effectively creating a digital twin.


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