1954 Maserati 250F

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The 250F is a F1 car designed by Gioacchino Colombo to compete in the ’54 season. The engine, also designed by Colombo, is a 2.5L in-line 6-cylinder capable of producing up to 320 Hp. 250 F stands for 2.5 litres (250) and F for Formula. The 4-speed gearbox coupled to the differential is located on the rear axle to improve weight distribution. To lower the centre of gravity, the drive shaft passes to the side of the rider, while the chassis is a tubular steel type. The aluminum bodywork, designed by Fantuzzi, is both functional and elegant, with the fuel tank forming the tail of the car and a capacity of 200 L. The race debut took place at the ’54 Argentina GP where Fangio won. The Argentine also won in Belgium, before moving to Mercedes. Due to its efficiency and simplicity, it was used by both official and private teams, achieving victories also with Moss, such as the Monte Carlo and Monza GPs. ’57 was the high point of the 250F's career when Fangio won the world championship with four victories including a legendary win in Nurburgring. A 12-cylinder engine was also tested on the 250, but with very limited use. It is today one of the rarest and most wanted racing cars in the collectors’ scene.

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