1984 Ferrari F40

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The F40 was revealed on 21 July 1987 in Maranello. It was created to celebrate the 40th. Anniversary of the brand and it’s the last car done by Enzo Ferrari before his death. It’s a two-seater high-performance sports sedan, powered by a 3L V8 engine, supercharged by two IHI turbochargers with intercooler, positioned in a central position. The chassis uses tubular alloy steel elements, integrated with sandwich structure cells in carbon fibre, Kevlar and Nomex honeycomb. The bodywork is in like with the car's distinctly sporty spirit and sophisticated mechanics, and its design is unmistakably Pininfarina. Studied in the wind tunnel, it has significant downforce for perfect road adherence. The aerodynamics have given the car an exasperatingly racing look. The imposing rear wing (in carbon), which extends across the entire width of the tail, is designed to ensure that the rear end is flattened. The F40, with its short wheelbase and brutal 478 horsepower from its two turbochargers, has to be driven with great care to be in full control. It is today highly appreciated by collectors and often a protagonist in classic car auctions worldwide.

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