The Fallen Stars Audi RSQ

  • 20 August 2022
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The Fallen Stars Audi RSQ image

What better invitation for a designer than to create a visionary interpretation of the car of a possible future? Walter de Silva, at the time Director of Design at Audi, took the opportunity to consider many stylistic features in preparation for future, real-world models, as peculiar characteristics of the car that the producer of the film “I, Robot” wanted in his movie, set in the Chicago cityscape in the year 2035. 

1-Audi-RSQ-1024x682 However much imagination you want to have, you can never predict the future. Will the Audi RSQ disprove this theory with its spherical wheels?

The trapezoidal “Single-Frame Grille” immediately identifies the car as an Audi while the front and rear LED lights were a delightful anticipation of things to come. We are at the turn of the Millennium and for a car that in the film works without a driver – today it seems possible, back then it was a very bold move – de Silva “invented” a way to move the car in all directions. 

2-vertically-opening-doors-audi-rsq-1024x681 The vertically opening doors are rear-hinged, potentially suitable for a world in which the even atmosphere around us will be different

A simple invention, the same one used by his office chair: he used spheres instead of conventional wheels. This idea gives the RSQ real character that combines these surprising spherical wheels with a line defined by perfectly polished surfaces that are immediately associated with Audi. 

3-audi-rsw-surfaces-1024x682 Surfaces with a very pure and almost smooth line on a car that offers the least possible air resistance

The interior was very far ahead of its time: the steering wheel was yoke shaped as many others are today, while all the driving information was displayed digitally via the instrument cluster by Audi's Multi-Media Interface (MMI) unit. The butterfly doors open vertically and there is the inscription “RSQ” on the door sills, just like on the more recent Audi RS. 

4-Single-Frame-audi-rsq-1024x682 Unequivocally Audi with the characteristic Single-Frame, the RSQ anticipated the now-common LED headlights

For the engine, he chose one from the family collection: the 5.0 V10 from the Lamborghini Gallardo, producing 610 horsepower. It would have been interesting to see how those spherical wheels behaved in an acceleration test! 

5-Robot-audi-1024x682 The shape of the rear clearly shows the presence of spherical wheels, invented specifically for the film "I, Robot"

6-audi-today-1024x682 Steering wheel, dashboard and interior anticipated many of the solutions adopted by Audi today

7-will-smith-audi-rsq-1024x682 Will Smith, the lead actor of "I, Robot", with the RSQ in one scene during filming