Rev up your engines and get ready for a virtual ride like never before! Roarington Metaland is thrilled to pre-announce the future release of NFTs of authentic 3D digital twins existing classic cars.

Aston Martin DB4GT VIN# 0131L image
Aston Martin DB4GT VIN# 0131L

As an NFT owner you will experience racing your legendary classic car on the Roarington Simulator or participate in one of our future NFT races, all while owning a valuable digital piece of automotive history. You will be able to exhibit, share, or trade your NFT across the Roarington platform and community. While initially these NFTs will only be sold privately to a select few individuals, over time the Roarington NFTs will open to the public to participate.

As an owner of an iconic classic car you may supply the “donor car” for the digital twins and transcend your beloved classic car into the virtual world. With the digital twin we will issue an NFT series with you. Beside owning both the real and the digital car, we offer you a whole new world of use case – from virtual driving and racing to different income streams.

BMW 507 Series II Roadster VIN# 70163 image
BMW 507 Series II Roadster VIN# 70163

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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