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  • 07 May 2021
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The Wealthy, the Sober and the Cautious. We could call them the three main characters of our story that we’ve commissioned to create three collections of cars purchased at auctions in 2021 from scratch, each one with a different budget. We mentioned Sergio Leone’s famous film, The Good, the Ugly and the Bad, not because our three characters have to fight each other but, in a market that’s becoming quite robust, hunting down a great deal requires talent. How do we intend to build these collections? Simple, each one of our three characters has a large garage to store the cars in. The style of the three garages is different though: the Cautious one, who is very careful about spending his money and who only chooses cars below the one hundred thousand euro mark, has a beautiful painted wooden garage attached to a country farm. The Sober collector, who directs his purchase choices towards cars that fall within the one- to six- or even seven-hundred thousand euro bracket (once again with tolerances in line with the capital he’s prepared to invest), has found himself an abandoned industrial warehouse from the 40’s out in the suburbs. Our Wealthy collector is in another league, with his large storage space in Gstaad, in the Swiss Alps.

8 more auctions in March and April , but not too many deals for our Wealthy collector; he took home a Ferrari GTB/4, a magnificent Delahaye from the 1950s and a Ford GT. Our Sober collector, who invests between 100k and 700k, had a harder time. He had no hesitation in taking home the Cisitalia Monoposto, he was inescapably drawn towards a Jaguar XJ220 at a fairly attractive price and could not resist the temptation to take home the Porsche’s original Le Mans-winning LMP1 hybrid show car. The Cautious investor had far more choice with his budget of under 100k: here he had enough opportunities to make his head spin. In the end, he couldn't resist the temptation to take home a Ferrari 400i and another collector's icon, the Porsche Turbo. Two models that impacted his budget to the point that, as a third car, he could not miss the opportunity to buy the Mercedes 450 SLC for just €5,272 ($6,325).

We will follow their adventures to discover the three ideal collections from 2021 , assembled over the course of one year. A story worth sharing to better understand some of the reasons behind their decisions to buy, in terms of market, car use and available events.

The Cautious 1 ig 1975. Just €5,272 ($6,325) for this Mercedes-Benz 450 SLC complete with a V8 engine producing 230 hp and automatic gearbox. Asking prices are around the €20,000 mark. A bargain!

2 ig 1983. What occasion better than the 400i GT 2+2 once owned by Piero Ferrari to put the first prancing horse in your garage?

3 ig 1986. Who has never dreamt of having the legendary Porsche Turbo in the garage? The one-off colour of this example and the interesting price of €77,000 ($92,370) were more than enough reasons to choose it

The Sober 4 ig 1947. A rare pre-war Cisitalia monoposto with well-documented history at a reasonable price. ready for the next Monaco Grand Prix Historique

5 ig 1992. With the F40 now out of reach, our Sober collector decided to purchase one of the 280 examples of the Jaguar XJ220 powered by a 3,498cc V6 biturbo engine producing 542 hp

6 ig 014. What do you do with a 1:1 scale model of Porsche’s original Le Mans-winning 919 hybrid? A great way to own an iconic model without the mechanical headaches

The Wealthy 7 ig 1936. All the magnificence of an era in a single car: this Delahaye that raced at Le Mans perfectly represents the years of the legend

8 ig 1967. The best road-going representation of the Ferrari 250 GTO. The elegance of Pininfarina’s design, the grit of a racing car and the horsepower of an unforgettable engine

9 ig 2019. There are cars that will never age. Among these, the Ford GT40, which finds its quintessence in the GT Heritage version from 2019

Editor’s choice 10 ig 1949. An extraordinarily innovative shape for the time, the refinement of every detail, the curiosity of the single central headlight as if it were a modern Polyphemus makes this small sports car a one-off destined for prizes at the Concours d’Elegance events